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Our timeline allows you to browse the milestones in the history of IT at our corporation. For the complete picture please have a look at our book on the Evolution of IT at Allianz

Picture of Foundation



Allianz Versicherungs-AG started its business in 1890 in Berlin, with the two insurance divisions of marine and accident insurance.

Picture of Small life insurance


Small life insurance

Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG(Allianz Leben), founded in 1922, was one of the first companies in Germany to use punch card machines for the cost-effective processing of small life insurance policies introduced in 1926.

Picture of Punch card technology


Punch card technology

Punch card technology first becomes the standard in the area of small life insurance, where cost-effective administration is particularly important. In 1930, Allianz Leben set up a punch card department in Stuttgart based on the model of the Berlin headquarters.

Picture of EDP



On January 20, 1956, the age of electronic data processing began at Allianz. The company was the first European insurer to use the IBM 650 magnetic drum computer.

Picture of Terminals



The IBM 2260 was the first terminal purchased by the data processing center (DVZ) in Munich in 1969. The device was used for entering and displaying data with a connection to the mainframe computer and access to the data from insurance contracts. This would streamline and speed up workflows considerably.

Picture of Personal Computer


Personal Computer

It started as an experiment in 1983, when Allianz purchased the first personal computers (PCs) in both Stuttgart and Munich. It was unclear whether the employees would really need the PCs for individual data processing in the workplace. Few at Allianz foresaw the future importance of the PC for workers in the office and at home.

Picture of Mobile computers


Mobile computers

The idea of the mobile computer was put into practice by Allianz in the autumn of 1987. It should be able to communicate with the Allianz mainframe in every flat, in every repair shop and in every telephone booth via an acoustic coupler.

Picture of Internet



When Marc Andreesen, the founder of Netscape, published the Mosaic web browser in 1993, a new era of communicaton started. In 1995 Allianz went online with its first own website.

Picture of AGIS



Allianz Gesellschaft für Informatik Service mbH - AGIS for short - was founded on October 14, 1997. The signs pointed to change: It was about the industrialization of IT operations.

Picture of ACIS



The Allianz Group company in the UK established Allianz Cornhill Information Services (ACIS) in Trivandum, India, as a software developer.

Picture of ABS



Allianz begins to set up the uniform IT system ABS (Allianz Business System) for the newly created Allianz Deutschland AG, after the model had previously been successfully introduced in Austria.

Picture of ASIC



Allianz founded the new company Allianz Shared Infrastructure Services (ASIC), to combine the IT infrastructures, mainframes and servers, of initially 15 European subsidiaries, which had 26 IT units, each with different processes, products and technologies.

Picture of AMOS



Allianz founded Allianz Managed Operations and Services (AMOS) with the task of being responsible for Allianz's IT worldwide and thus making a decisive contribution to making Allianz a digital company.

Picture of IT transformation


IT transformation

The transformation program is intended to make Allianz infrastructure highly available, high-performing, highly secure and resilient as well as agile in four years and is considered the most comprehensive IT renewal that Allianz has ever seen.

Picture of Allianz Technology


Allianz Technology

After a company-wide vote by the employees, AMOS was renamed "Allianz Technology".

Picture of Allianz Customer Model


Allianz Customer Model

The Allianz Customer Model and the IT Master Platform will be standardized and further developed into the overarching Business Master Platform (BMP) of Allianz.

Picture of Covid 19


Covid 19

The globally uniform IT infrastructure enables employees to work from home and Allianz crisis-proof business operations.